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 Regional Council Passes New Transit Charge

The proposed increase in Transit Development Charges were approved by council Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 21.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2013, developers will be charged about 30% more for transit D.C.’s.

The new rates are:






Low density multiple


Apartments- 2 Bedroom and larger ($)

Apartments- 1 bedroom


Regional Transit





 Non-Residential will be charged $0.31 per square foot for commercial, industrial, and institutional development.

The charge will be collected at the building permit stage.

For garden suites and mobile homes the rate is the same as one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, respectively. This fee will be fully refunded upon request if the property owner removes or demolishes the structure within 10 years of issuance of the building permit.

There is an exemption for agriculture (farm buildings) and places of worship.

The new charges will be indexed annually as of July 1st of each year, beginning in 2013.

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