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Address & Contact

#80007 - 3100 Garden Street
Whitby,ON  L1N 0B7
Phone: 416-668-4607
Contact: Stanley Santos


DAVES DUCT CLEANING are CERTIFIED members of the NATIONAL AIR DUCT CLEANERS ASSOCIATION (NADCA) and the INDOOR AIR QUALITY ASSOCIATION (IAQA). We are also an ACCREDITED BUSINESS listed with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU (BBB), AN OFFICIAL BAEUMLER APPROVED CONTRACTOR, the OFFICIAL RENOVANTAGE DUCT CLEANING CONTRACTOR and are the OFFICIAL DUCT CLEANING PARTNERS of HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Durham and Toronto. We care about your indoor air quality! FOLLOW US ON TWITTER! DID YOU KNOW? - for a company to be considered NADCA certified, they are only required to have 1 ASCS (Air Systems Cleaning Specialist); we have 6 ASCS Technicians and 9 VMTs (Ventilation Maintenance Technicians) to serve you and your home! - out of the 42 NADCA certified duct cleaning companies in Ontario there are only 2 companies that have as many ASCS technicians actually doing the cleaning than we do; we are 1 of them - every lead technician we send are ASCS (Air Systems Cleaning Specialists) and VMTs (Ventilation Maintenance Technicians); MAKE SURE that your home is being cleaned by an ASCS certified technician that actually HOLDS the ASCS (not just VMT) cleaning certification from NADCA! - NADCA publishes the names of individuals that hold the ASCS designation, make sure your home is being cleaned by a certified and qualified individual; to find out if your technician is certified, please visit: - ASCS is the HIGHEST level of certification you can possess; VMT is the bare MINIMUM level of certification your cleaning technician should possess - at minimum our 2 person crews consist of 1 lead technician that possesses their OWN ASCS VMT certifications and 1 technician that possesses their OWN VMT certification; if you are unclear about these certification differences, please ask - THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! - we DO NOT sub-contract our work and DO NOT telemarket - we maintain 3 vehicles, 1 inspection vehicle and have 8 employees on payroll with full health benefits - we are members of WSIB and have $2M in comprehensive business liability insurance - we provide PROOF OF WORK by taking before/after pictures& - your service should take between 2-3 hours with a 2 person crew (based on a 2000-3000 sq ft home - we are only able to accommodate 3 jobs maximum per day per vehicle - if a job takes longer than anticipated to complete, we will always stay as long as it takes to complete the job properly and will always advise our customers accordingly - your service can be performed with either truck mounted, van mounted or portable HEPA filtered vacuums; all these machines conform to NADCA standards and will yield the same results - your vents should always be sealed during the cleaning process - when done properly, your HVAC system need not be cleaned for at least 5-7 years (under normal living conditions). - for more information, we've compiled various resources (videos and cleaning standards) to educate you and your family better, copy and paste the following link: To view our service area map, copy and paste the following link:;/strong;</p> For references (as early as today) or questions about your HVAC system or just to say hello - please call! (416) 668-4607 or visit: - WE LOOK FORWARD TO SERVING YOU AND YOUR HOME!